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Dry Powder Extinguisher

Class A = Solid combustible - wood, paper, cloth, etc 

Class B = Flammable liquids - petrol, diesel, oils, parrafins, etc 

Class C = Flammable Gases - propane, hydrogen, methane, natural gas, etc 

Class = Electrical - computers, electrical heaters, stereos, fuse boxes, etc 


The 6kg powder fire extinguisher offers a fantastic capability of fire protection.  Probably the most versatile, powder fire extinguishers are capable of extinguishing fires fuelled by Class A combustible materials such as paper, straw and textiles, Class B flammable liquids such as petrol and Class C flammable gas fires involving gases such as methane, acetylene and propane.

Powder fire extinguishers are multi-purpose units that have a variety of applications in both residential instances and business. These fire extinguishers are best suited to external use and are also designed to be effective at extinguishing fires in low temperature situations.

The extinguisher is supplied with a suitable wall mounting bracket which makes storing the unit easy and safe

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