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Water Extinguisher


Class A - Solid Combustible Fires - wood, paper, cloth, etc 

This water fire extinguisher can be used to tackle fires involving solid combustible material.  Being able to extinguish (Class A fires) textiles, wood, coal, furniture and many other materials, water fire extinguishers are ideally suited to warehouses, storage units and domestic appliances.

By implementing a water fire extinguisher you are providing effective fire protection but it is important to remember not to use the extinguisher on electrical fires.  Water particles conduct electricity and so can cause harm to the extinguisher user if used on electrical appliances.  It is common to pair up a water fire extinguisher with a CO2 or powder extinguisher to create all round protection.

The extinguisher is supplied with a suitable wall mounting bracket which makes storing the unit easy and safe

Fire Rating  

13A = 9 Litre unit 

8A = 6 Litre unit

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