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Fire Risk Assessment - review how often?

On numerous occasions we are asked

'How often should a fire risk assessment be redone'

Taken from HSE Website -

You should review your risk assessment:

  • if it is no longer valid
  • if there has been a significant change

Your workplace will change over time. You are likely to bring in new equipment, substances and procedures. There may be advances in technology. You may have an accident or a case of ill health. You should review your assessment if any of these events happen.

Remember to amend your assessment as a result of your review.

There is no set frequency for carrying out a review. 

If you are in East Sussex area and Brighton & Hove

The agreed time scale for reviews for fire risk assessments for flats common areas and landlord Services is not set in stone but both ESFRS and B&HCC Private Sector Housing expect 2 yearly to be good practice.