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Reducing false alarms

Notifier - Pearl

Isle of Anglesey County Council eliminates false fire alarms with new Notifier by Honeywell Pearl panels

7th January 2013

Isle of Anglesey County Council eliminates false fire alarms with new Notifier by Honeywell Pearl panels

High-rise flats benefit from robust fire safety protection, eliminating cost and inconvenience of unwanted call-outs

Isle of Anglesey County Council has eliminated alarm activations within its high-rise residential tower blocks since the installation of an advanced fire safety solution from Notifier by Honeywell.

By minimising unnecessary call-outs, the upgraded system, which incorporates the latest Pearl panel and Opal detectors, has reduced the inconvenience to residents and substantially cut the cost to the  fire service and local authority.

Serving 4000 homes, Isle of Anglesey County Council Housing's Service initially implemented the new Pearl panel-based solution in Plas Tudur Llangefni, which serves a wide range of residents.

In the year prior to the installation in March 2012 the council suffered countless call outs, yet since implementation there have been no false activations. The council has since extended the Notifier application across the remaining three blocks in its high- rise estate.

County-wide roll-out "In light of a routine fire assessment, we identified the need for a more resilient solution which would reduce the incidence of unwanted or nuisance alarms," says Stephen Owen of the Council's Housing Service. "This was especially important, as evacuating a complete block of flats each time an alarm was activated was causing a major problem for all involved." Notifier Gold Partner, Snowdonia Fire Protection Ltd., which provides maintenance support throughout the county, recommended the Pearl panel-based solution as the most appropriate to meet the council's needs.  Snowdonia has since designed and commissioned the system, including programming the software which is central to enabling a flexible response.

Where a device in an individual flat, for example, picks up a smoke signal, the software ensures that a general alarm will only be activated and the building evacuated if heat or smoke persists for a pre-agreed time period or extends to a second device. If not, the device automatically resets itself. This also enables the resident or warden to investigate whether or not there is a real fire-related incident.

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Posted: 20th Oct 2013
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