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Waste carriers, brokers and dealers

This section will help you work out if you need to register as a waste carrier, broker or dealer.

Why do you need to register?

Registration is a legal requirement and you are committing an offence if you do not register when required.

Registration helps us make sure that controlled waste is transported and disposed of legally and safely. This includes transporting waste whilst travelling from job to job, to a storage place for disposal later or to a waste disposal company or waste site.

Controlled waste means commercial, industrial and household waste.  For simplicity, we will just use the term waste.

Registration also helps us clamp down on fly-tipping by illegal operators who harm human health and the environment whilst also undercutting legitimate businesses.

Who needs to register?

Registration does not just apply to businesses that transport waste produced by other people, for example, skip operators or waste disposal companies.

We regularly carry out spot checks on businesses carrying waste to see if they are registered.

Recent changes to regulations mean that anyone who regularly transports waste they have produced themselves while going about their normal business activities will need to be registered as a waste carrier by January 2014.  Check if this affects you by using the 'Do you need to register?' tool where you can also sign up to receive email updates about the forthcoming changes to registration requirements.

Many businesses should be registered now.

If you arrange for waste from other businesses or organisations to be transported, disposed of, or recovered, you need to register as a waste broker now.

If you buy and sell waste, or use an agent to do so, you need to register as a waste dealer now.


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