Expertly installed addressable fire alarms 

Having early warning of exactly where a fire has broken out in your building is key in preventing property damage and loss of life. Sovereign Alarms offers addressable fire alarms, designed by our trained system engineers and installed with care, to ensure that larger buildings are protected in the event of fire. Based in East Sussex, we have been offering our incredible value and quality services for over 20 years. 

Understanding intelligent alarm systems

Our addressable fire alarms are ideal for larger buildings, such as a residential block of flats with more than six separate dwellings, a hospital or a large office block. They have a main control panel, which tells the user where all the heat and smoke detection devices are in the building, reducing vital investigation time in the event of a fire. They also offer call points – wall mounted alert boxes for occupants to manually raise the alarm – and automated “shut off” systems to turn off equipment such as ovens and lifts to ensure safety if a fire breaks out. 

Giving you an early warning

There are many advantages to using an intelligent or addressable fire alarm system. The main control panel, combined with the alarms and call points, allow early detection and identification of exactly where the fire is. This works efficiently to cut down on investigation times in case of a fire, reducing the risk of loss of life and minimising property damage. Addressable fire alarms can also reduce false alarm rates, giving the occupants and users of your building peace of mind. 

Quality assured and certified

Our skilled engineers will work with you to design a sophisticated and secure addressable fire alarm system for your building in East Sussex. We use products from reputable manufacturers and highly trained engineers to ensure your property is protected. At Sovereign Alarms we are also BAFE SP203 and SSAIB certified, giving you confidence in our ability to effectively supply, install and maintain your systems. 
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