CCTV systems designed for you

Each building is unique, and therefore the security needs it has are also unique. Whether you own or manage a block of flats, offices, or commercial property, having an effective CCTV system tailored to your property requirements is vital to protect your premises and those inside from intruders. Sovereign Alarms offers competitively priced, expertly installed security CCTV in East Sussex.

Expert cctv protection

CCTV systems constantly monitor your chosen area, allowing you to spot theft, attacks or trespass and alert the authorities quickly. Our knowledgeable and helpful team will help you choose the CCTV system that will work best with your property, even if it is a historical monument or grade-listed building. We offer valuable advice and recommendations throughout the design and installation process.
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Comprehensive services for all properties

No matter how large or small your property or business, we are able to provide a smart, sophisticated CCTV system throughout. Using state-of-the-art technology and expertly rendered designs, our electricians will install your system with minimal disruption to your everyday routine and maintain it to a high standard to ensure it is working efficiently for years to come.

Legally and operationally COMPLIANT 

Sovereign Alarms is proud to offer a reliable and trustworthy service. We take the time to understand your business and identify your security needs to prevent intruders, thefts or attacks. All of our products and installation services are compliant with relevant legislation and satisfy all operational
requirements, leaving you with a system of an incredibly high standard.
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