Emergency lighting testing in East Sussex

Emergency lighting is an essential feature of any security system, guiding the people in your building to safety in the event of a fire or any other emergency situation. Ensure that your emergency lighting is working efficiently by using our expert maintenance services from Sovereign Alarms. We offer affordable, expert services throughout East Sussex. 

Regular testing and maintenance

Regular testing is essential to identify any possible flaws or broken components in the emergency lighting system, allowing our engineers to address issues and repair damage in a timely and convenient manner before they become a problem. 

Daily inspections

The internal workings of the central power supply in your building should be visually inspected every day to ensure that they are working correctly and can efficiently power your emergency lighting if necessary. 

Monthly LIGHTING testing

If you use automatic testing devices to test the efficiency of your emergency lighting, we will record the results of short duration tests monthly. These involve several stages, including switching on each luminaire and each internally illuminated exit sign from its battery in emergency mode, which simulates a failure of the supply to the normal lighting for a long enough period to ensure that each lamp is illuminated. This will allow our engineers to check that all signs and emergency lighting is present, clean and functioning correctly before the normal lighting is turned back on and all indicators show that normal supply is restored. System monitors will also be checked as necessary.

Annual safety examinations

The annual safety checks carried out by Sovereign Alarms on your emergency lighting in East Sussex will involve a similar routine to the monthly testing. Each luminaire and internally illuminated sign shall be tested as it is in the monthly checks, but will be checked for its full rated duration to ensure it is operating at maximum efficiency before the supply of normal lighting is restored and any indicator lamp or device checked. The charging arrangements will also be checked for proper functioning, and the date of test and its results shall be recorded in the system logbook. 
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