Expertly designed security systems

Sovereign Alarms is dedicated to protecting your property from damage of all kinds, whether it is fire or theft. Established in 1989, our expert engineers design, supply, install and maintain high quality security systems including alarm systems and wireless security cameras across East Sussex. With our competitive prices, exceptional customer service and quality product range from leading manufacturers, you can be confident of your property’s safety when you choose Sovereign Alarms.

Variety of alarm systems

We offer a range of alarm systems to cover every security requirement your building may have. Some of our most popular security systems include CCTV wireless security cameras, which will monitor your property to prevent crime; intruder alarms, which will deter and alert you to the presence of burglars, trespassers or vandals and even door access, which prevents unauthorised people from entering your building.

Available individually or as complete packages

Sovereign Alarms provides security services individually or as a complete package, allowing you to tailor your service to your exact requirements. We can design an alarm system that will suit your building’s layout, décor and insurance needs and can supply a huge range of security products, as well as install and maintain systems and equipment.

Meeting insurance requirements

Having a security system installed and regularly maintained by Sovereign Alarms is not only beneficial for your property, but also your wallet. In addition to our competitive prices, our security systems will help to ensure you fulfil insurance policy standards and can even lower your insurance premiums. For commercial or residential properties in East Sussex, Sovereign Alarms is the right choice of protection.
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