Disabled refuge alarms for your building

Under the Disability Discrimination Act, all companies are responsible for making sure that access to buildings and services are available to all, regardless of disability status. An emergency refuge area takes into account the needs of people with disabilities in an emergency situation, and by using one of the disabled refuge alarm systems from Sovereign Alarms, you can provide them with an effective method of communicating with emergency services in the event of a fire.

What is an EVC ALARM?

Our EVC alarm systems allow the fire service to be in constant contact with the people in the refuge areas who seek assistance. Standing for Emergency Voice Communications Systems, these can act as a fire telephone or as a disabled refuge alarm for any emergency situation.

Preventing disability discrimination

A disabled refuge alarm will assist your building in adhering to disability discrimination laws, improving the safety and quality of life for those who use your building, whether they are workers, guests or tenants. We provide flexible systems, allowing you to choose how simple or complex you need them to be, and offer cost-effective and efficient EVCs for all purposes.

Range of systems available

No matter what the needs of your property and its staff or occupants, Sovereign Alarms offers a disabled refuge alarm that will suit your purposes. Using NOTIFIER, one of the leading fire safety alarm suppliers in the UK, we stock both simple to use and complex systems. From hands free outstation call systems such as the EVCS-HSBG, or simple telephone style consoles such as the EVCS-MS, all of our disabled refuge alarms will be expertly installed and maintained by our engineers.
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