Fire extinguishers for all requirements

At Sovereign Alarms, our first priority is to protect you and your property from fire, and you can be confident in our experience and expertise in providing high quality services in East Sussex. We supply, install and maintain all different types of fire extinguishers as well as provide employee training on how to use them. No matter what building or need you may have, we are able to provide the correct solution.

All classes of fire extinguishers

Sovereign Alarms provides all classes of fire extinguisher, suitable for all manners of combustible items and all types of buildings or commercial
properties. From water extinguishers to foam, dry powder and even CO2 extinguishers, we are able to bring you the exact product that meets your


Our multiple fire extinguisher types are sourced from responsible, reputable manufacturers and brought to your property in East Sussex. Our skilled and experienced technicians will recommend how many fire extinguishers your property requires, and the best placement for them in order to ensure minimum damage and loss of life in the event of a fire.

Regular maintenance to ensure good working order

Make sure that you remain compliant with UK fire safety laws by having all of your fire extinguisher types maintained at regular intervals. With time or
disuse, fire extinguishers may lose their efficiency and need to be replaced, which is why it is important to keep them in great condition in case you should ever need them. We recommend having your fire extinguishers inspected at least once a year, during which time we will service them and issue a certificate to document their condition.

Comprehensive training offered

If you own a business or commercial property, it is your responsibility under UK fire safety laws to ensure your employees receive adequate fire safety training. Our courses usually take two hours and involve multiple choice questionnaires, videos and practical training. Your employees will learn how to identify and operate different types of fire extinguishers, as well as fire blankets and the best course of action in the event of fire.
Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguisher Classes

Class A - Solid Combustible Fires - wood, paper, cloth, etc

This water fire extinguisher can be used to tackle fires involving solid combustible material. Being able to extinguish (Class A fires) textiles, wood, coal, furniture and many other materials, water fire extinguishers are ideally suited to warehouses, storage units and domestic appliances. By implementing a water fire extinguisher you are providing effective fire protection but it is important to remember not to use the extinguisher on electrical fires. Water particles conduct electricity and so can cause harm to the extinguisher user if used on electrical appliances. It is common to pair up a water fire extinguisher with a CO2 or powder extinguisher to create all round protection. The extinguisher is supplied with a suitable wall mounting bracket which makes storing the unit easy and safe

Fire Rating

13A = 9 Litre unit

8A = 6 Litre unit

Class B = Flammable Liquids - petrol, diesel, oils, paraffins, etc

Class A = Solid combustible - wood, paper, cloth, etc

This 9 Litre AFFF foam fire extinguisher is an all round extinguisher, making it the ideal solution for offices, lorry cabs, kitchens, small boats and small workshops. With this extinguisher you can tackle Class A fires involving solid combustible media and Class B flammable liquid fires. The extinguisher is supplied with a wall mounting bracket which makes storing the unit easy and safe

Fire rating

13A / 114B = 6 Litre unit

13A / 233B = 9 Litre unit Back to Fire Extinguishers landing page

Class Electrical fires - computers, electrical heaters, stereos, fuse boxes, etc

Class B = Flammable liquids - petrol, diesel, oils, parrafins, etc

Our 2kg CO2 fire extinguishers are highly effective at tackling fires fuelled by flammable liquids and electrical equipment, this makes Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers perfect for situating in offices. CO2 fire extinguishers are usually just one half of an extinguisher team, often being paired with either a water or foam extinguisher. All of our CO2 extinguishers are supplied with a frost free horn to eliminate frost burn when using the extinguisher. The frost free horn also gives the extinguisher a higher rating than the 34B stated on the cylinder. By using aluminium to manufacture the main body, our CO2 fire extinguishers are lightweight and easy to handle unlike steel body alternatives.

Fire Rating

34B = 2kg unit

89B = 5kg unit

Class F = Combustible cooking - cooking oils & Fats

This 6 litre wet chemical fire extinguisher is perfect for catering environments. The only extinguisher in the range with a Class F rating, our wet chemical fire extinguisher can fight fires fuelled by cooking oils and deep fat fryers. The wet chemical fire extinguisher also has a class A rating so it does have the capability of fighting fires fuelled by solid combustible materials. This extinguisher would fit perfectly into any catering area, particularly business applications such as fast food outlets, chip shops and fast-food vehicles. The wet chemical fire extinguisher is supplied with a special lance to help accurate application of the wet chemical media. The extinguisher is supplied with a suitable wall mounting bracket which makes storing the unit easy and safe

Fire rating

13A / 75F = 6 litre unit

Class B = Flammable liquids - petrol, diesel, oils, parrafins, etc
Class C = Flammable Gases - propane, hydrogen, methane, natural gas, etc
Class = Electrical - computers, electrical heaters, stereos, fuse boxes, etc

The 6kg powder fire extinguisher offers a fantastic capability of fire protection. Probably the most versatile, powder fire extinguishers are capable of extinguishing fires fuelled by Class A combustible materials such as paper, straw and textiles, Class B flammable liquids such as petrol and Class C flammable gas fires involving gases such as methane, acetylene and propane. Powder fire extinguishers are multi-purpose units that have a variety of applications in both residential instances and business. These fire extinguishers are best suited to external use and are also designed to be effective at extinguishing fires in low temperature situations. The extinguisher is supplied with a suitable wall mounting bracket which makes storing the unit easy and safe

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