Fire training for your employees

A fast, intelligent response to fire is often the best way to keep an emergency situation from breaking out, minimising the amount of property damage caused to your building. In addition to supplying fire alarms and extinguishers, Sovereign Alarms offers exceptional fire training courses in East Sussex so that your employees can be confident using fire security measures on your premises.

Suitable for all staff

Many companies, under current legislation RRO 2005, are responsible for providing adequate fire training to employees. Fire extinguisher safety training would benefit staff in all sectors, especially those who work within industry, commerce or the public sector.
“Responsible Person” Checks

Why choose fire training?

Our fire training in East Sussex provides numerous benefits, acting as an investment for the future safety of your building. It gives you safer staff who are confident in dealing with emergency situations and are better equipped to protect your assets. It also provides your business with greater credibility when it comes to marketing, allowing you to stand apart from competitors.

Comprehensive course content

During our fire training course, your employees will learn fire safety legislation, the basics of combustion, the different classes of fire and the different types of fire extinguishers. They will also learn about fire blankets and their use, what actions to take in event of a fire, fire safety auditing, how to deal with arson and general fire precautions. There will be a practical session where they learn how to use fire extinguishers, in addition to a course questionnaire, videos and PowerPoint presentations.

Flexible scheduling

Suitable for up to 12 employees at a time, the duration of our tailored courses at Sovereign Alarms can depend on the number of employees taking part and the desired level of interaction with the instructor. At least 2 hours is the recommended time frame. All successful staff will be awarded with a certificate upon completion of the course, and your business will receive a corporate certificate.
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